Precompiled Win7 64bit toolchain

This is a little service for very eager Photivo users, who always want to have the latest version. With this it is pretty simple to compile (and develop) Photivo. However, the guide here may be a little rough…

Visit all projects mentioned here for their individual copyright information and source code. The toolchain is only to be used with GPL3 software.

  • Get both files: file 1, file 2.
  • Extract them with 7Zip, e.g. to C:\toolchain.
  • Change the paths in C:\toolchain\tdm-471-x64\msys\etc\fstab accordingly (use forward slashes).
  • Start the shell with C:\toolchain\tdm-471-x64\msys\msys.bat.
  • Install TortoiseHG and add it to your path.
  • Now you can download and compile Photivo like described in "building Photivo". The qmake call is a little different though:
  • Have fun.