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The work on Photivo (as most other open source software) is done by people in their spare time without payment. When using open source, especially for commercial work, you should consider to give something back to the community.

There are complete packages of Photivo available for a variety of systems, see below. Refer to the subpages of this page if you want to compile Photivo yourself.


When you’re looking for an install package, this is where you want to go.

Each page also contains details on how to build Photivo and its dependecies yourself.

Source Code

Photivo is written in C++ and uses the Qt framework. You can get the full GPL 3 licenced source code from the Git repository at

Gimp Integration

To send images from Photivo directly to Gimp (and back) you may need to download the Gimp plugin. The Gimp Integration page explains how to set up Gimp integration.


This changelog is updated with every binary release for Windows. Do not assume that changeloged revisions are in any way more or less stable than others. They are not. A changelog entry simply means that we were in the mood to assemble a Windows binary for that revision.

19 November 2020 (commit b821057)

Packaging related bugfix release. The 6 April 2020 Windows version was packaged with an incomplete GraphicsMagick, leading to an error when trying to load a bitmap file. Also at least in some situations saving was not possible.

6 April 2020 (commit 1ed2499)


  • Switched from our own quite old internal dcraw to the latest LibRaw. Enables support for a bunch of new Cameras.


  • Using any of the Lensfun filters could result in a crash, especially with portrait aspect ratios.
  • Updated all outdated URLs in the GUI.

25 May 2014 (rev 2debcb532cbd)


  • Added option to allow/deny autosaving settings when loading another image and save confirmation is off.

digiKam integration (by nereocystis), see the Flickr discussion

  • Added –sidecar option to read metadata from XMP sidecar files. Rating in sidecar takes precedence over pts file. The rating in the pts file will be ignored if there is rating in the sidecar.
  • Added optional possibility to read tags from XMP file ("Xmp.digiKam.TagsList" is read). The checkbox is in the startup section. (by salsergey)

18 April 2014 (rev d687864489da)

Locale related bug fixes.

9 December 2013 (rev 855e46f0c06a)

  • Fixed creation of TIFFs with metadata. Files were slightly broken and could not be read again by some programs, including Photivo.
  • Fixed a crash when loading an image with PTS autoloading activated and another image already being loaded.

30 November 2013 (rev f1a2a2889c33)

Virtually identical in functionality with the Nov. 1 release, but based on a completely new toolchain with GCC 4.8.1, Qt 5.1.1 and the most recent versions of all dependencies.

1 November 2013 (rev 730faf5fb0ac)

Features (contributed by Alexander Tzyganenko,
  • Undo/Redo for most operations (Ctr+Z, Ctrl+Y)
  • When loading an image auto-load associated settings (i.e. when a .pts with the same name as the image exists in the same folder).
  • Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift+V to copy/paste settings to/from clipboard.
  • Reset settings to startup default (Ctrl+Shift+R) or last saved (Ctrl+Shift+U).
  • Previous/Next buttons in bottom panel to switch to previous/next image in the current folder.
  • Options to show only raw files/only bitmaps in the file manager.
  • Fixed “File not found” error when opening image files with non-latin characters (issue 131)
  • ImageView reloads last image when the file manager is reopened.

1 July 2013 (rev c5587c0bb44c and 47d0b52e73a9)

  • Major overhaul of the file manager
  • Added aspect ratio options for 2560x1080 wallpapers
  • When resizing width and height can now be set individually
  • Thumbnail images can be loaded like “full” images
  • Added Danish. Thank you to Mogens Jæger
  • Update to Czech. Thank you to D. Vala <>
  • Update to Spanish. Thank you to Max Mirosevitz
  • Update to Russian. Thank you to Sergey Salnikov

17 March 2013 (rev 73f4fe84816d)

  • Updated dcraw to version 9.17/1.454.
  • Batch manager: new “Reset status” button and a “send to batch manager” entry for the Save button’s context menu.

12 December 2012 (rev dbacd8298b8d)

  • Added output file name suffix that gets appended to the name of a processed image file or job file. Can be configured in Output › Output Parameters.
  • Introduced a batch processing manager accessible via Ctrl+B, bottom bar button or the image right-click menu.
  • After a long development and test phase spot tuning (formerly known as “local spot adjust”) is officially released. Find it on the new Local edit tab.

6 October 2012 (rev 2956f6a8eb98)

  • Updated dcraw to version 1.452.
  • New supported cameras (through dcraw):
    • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
    • Canon EOS 650D
    • Canon PowerShot SX220
    • Fuji F77
    • Fuji HS3
    • Fuji X-Pro1
    • Fuji X-S1
    • Nikon D3200
    • Nikon D4
    • Nikon D800
    • Olympus E-M5
    • Panasonic DMC-GF5
    • Samsung NX1000
    • Samsung NX2
    • Sony SLT-A37
    • Sony SLT-A57
  • Prevent Photivo from starting on monitors that are not there anymore.
  • Fixed broken job mode.
  • Updated internal CImg to v1.5.1
  • Curve files (.ptc) can be opened again via the context menu in the curve filters if they are anchor-based curves. The fully precalculated curves (mainly the "Sigmoidal_xx.ptc" files) were removed from the Curves folder.

5 August 2012 (rev 1820b4b6f4d3)

  • Two decimals for BWStyler
  • Updated white balance presets, thanks to ufraw
  • Fixed a bug where crop did not work when loading an image via the File Manager
  • New Czech translation, thank you to Dušan Vala

24 June 2012 (rev 40744585ea5a)

  • This is mainly a bugfix release.
  • New option to remember the pipe config between sessions. When you select Latest.pts as as your startup preset in “Settings › Startup settings” Photivo saves the current pipe configuration to that preset on each program exit and loads it again on next start. When you want to store a preset permanently do not use Latest.pts! Photivo may change that file at any time without warning.

21 May 2012 (rev c5119414f445)

  • Completely new architecture for filters. Basically a filter now is a well encapsulated, reasonably independent component with a standard interface to the rest of Photivo. The major benefits:
    • Big long-standing feature requests like a flexible pipe or undo are now possible (though still a lot of work, so don’t expect any of them in the near future).
    • Much cleaner code throughout Photivo.
    • Flexible filter config and GUI creation. GUI creation can be fully automatic from a single list of config items, or fully customised including Qt Designer .ui files and any bells and whistles you want, or anything in between.
  • Added a second luma denoise curve on the “Lab Sharpen/Noise” tab. It’s hidden by default. Use the tab’s context menu or the “UI settings” config to make it visible.
  • Added an option to disable auto-opening the file manager when Photivo is started without an image.
  • Old stand-alone curve files (the ones from the “Curves” folder) are deprecated. They cannot be opened or saved via the GUI anymore but .pts presets using them still work and will continue to work in the future.

21 January 2012 (rev 66fc43c207fc)

  • Bugfixes and small stuff.

27 November 2011 (rev b02bc56101b5)

  • Major changes to the file manager: The tree is replaced by a folder list view, added a simple bookmarks feature and a viewer for quick access to single images. Also various other fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to input image files being deleted.
  • Updated dcraw to v1.445

28 October 2011 (rev 3f973f8b05f9)

  • File Manager: For a while now a file manager/thumbnail viewer for Photivo has been in development and is now officially released. :) It opens automatically when you start Photivo without an image. You can also use the context menu on the image or Ctrl+M to access it. Please note that this is an early version of the file manager. It is definitely usable but not at all finished.
  • Photivo now uses the Faenza icons by Matthieu James.
  • Updated dcraw to version 9.10 (1.444). Redcine is disabled for now because Jasper decided to be a nuisance. :(
  • New command line option --pts to load a settings file. Can also be combined with loading an image.
  • Renamed command line option -g to --load-and-delete for more clarity.
  • Added basic support for the Windows 7 taskbar features. The first application is Photivo displaying “busy” status in the taskbar while the pipe is running.
  • And the usual bugfixing and polishing.

5 September 2011 (rev 5af074bfb27b)

  • New Gradual blur tool (Eyecandy tab) to creatively blur parts of the image, e.g. for miniature faking or simulating a tilt lens
  • New Outline tool (Lab EyeCandy tab) to emphasise outlines. Especially useful in combination with GreyCStoration to create a painted/cartoony effect.
  • Write exif data in PNG files
  • Crop tool: special exposure slider to adjust the exposure while cropping. Previously this was done automatically, especially to brighten usually too dark RAW images while cropping. The automatic failed on certain images, though. Please note: This is a temporary exposure adjustment for cropping only. It does not affect the final output image in any way.
  • Updated enhanced color profiles (thanks to darktable project)
  • Some bugixing and smaller stuff

24 June 2011 (rev f733db979a09)

  • Option to choose the startup tool pane view: tabs, favourites or all tools
  • Mouse wheel moves curve points: Just the wheel moves vertically, also pressing Alt moves horizontally
  • Export to other programs than Gimp is possible: Settings › Export command
  • Zoom levels 200%, 300% and 400% are not smoothed anymore so you can see pixel boundaries clearly
  • Crop: Works on all zoom levels, not only zoom fit as before. Also added a setting for the zoom level to switch to when you start a crop. In crop mode to drag the whole image instead of the crop rectangle hold down Ctrl.
  • Spot WB selection, histogram selection and rotate angle line selection can be cancelled by pressing Esc
  • New option for the initial pipe size when Photivo starts.
  • New French translation. Thank you to Romain Henriet
  • New Dutch translation. Thank you to H. Cremers
  • Various speedup optimizations and smaller bug fixes.

14 May 2011 (rev abbdfed5fd59)

  • Some small fixes esp. for dynamic range compression and perspective correction.
  • New slider widget (thanks to salsergey!)
  • Saving 16-bit PNGs is now possible.
  • Loading an external CSS now adds the CSS to the selected theme instead of more or less replacing the theme completely.
  • New German translation (thanks to Matthias Vonken)

30 Apr 2011 (rev 60f1eb32cced)

  • Seam carving tool (Geometry tab). Uses the liquid rescale library.
  • Luminance denoise curve (Lab Sharpen/Noise tab)
  • Defish tool (Geometry tab). It is a specialised convenience version of the Lensfun geometry conversion.
  • Separated the Lensfun UI into proper separate tools. Added scaling option.
  • Some enhancements to the crop tool: switch crop rectangle (and AR values) between portrait and landscape orientation, center the rectangle horizontally or vertically on the image, combo box for the LightsOut feature.
  • Photivo’s UI translation is user selectable instead of tied to the system language.
  • Fixed broken writing of exif data into the output files.
  • Some changes to the command line options. Type photivo -h for details.

27 Mar 2011 (rev af1122a33cb1)

  • Perspective correction and scaling tools (Geometry tab).
  • Lensfun integration (Geometry tab). Corrects lens errors (chromatic aberration, vignetting, geometric distortion) and converts between different lens geometries (e.g. fisheye to rectilinear). Full manual mode for now. Only focal length and aperture are automatically read from the image’s exif data (if present, so check them anyway!).
  • Photivo has a new icon! (contributed by Naveed Ahmed).
  • Interface to control the display setting (normal, favourite, hidden) of all tools: UI Settings on the Settings tab. You can also save a tool configuration as a display preset. (contributed by salsergey)
  • The tool pane allows for a more flexible display of tools.
    • Search bar to search for tools by name and display them in a single list.
    • Tools can be “bookmarked” in a favourites list.
    • Display all non-hidden or all currently active tools in a single long list.
  • 1:1 detail view: When switching to 1:1 pipe in the confirmation dialog you can choose to only display a part of the image. This only affects the preview display. The image still is saved with its full dimensions (respecting crop of course).
  • When opening files by drag & drop you can now drop them anywhere on the Photivo window instead of on the image area only.
  • New welcome screen when starting Photivo without an image.
  • Crop: Double click into the selection confirms the crop (same as Enter or the Confirm button).
  • Italian translation (contributed by Bartokk)

1 Mar 2011 (rev f2ee609788d5)

  • Two more layer modes for Toning and Gradual overlay.
  • New texture overlay tool (EyeCandy tab).
  • New Hue curve tool (Lab EyeCandy tab).
  • Speedup for rotation and blur.
  • Completely new Crop tool. Works a lot like Gimp’s crop tool, i.e. no more need to hold down the mouse button all the time.
  • Updated dcraw to version 9.06 (1.440).

20 Jan 2011 (rev 748dfd1a92e0)

  • Updated rotate tool with buttons for 90° rotation and a drawing a horizon line that determines the needed rotation.
  • Some smaller fixes and tweaks.
  • Reworked batch mode. Save a jobfile then start Photivo from the console: photivo -j jobfilename.
  • Third stage for “lights out” mode when cropping (press Alt). The area outside the crop rectangle can now be completely black, dimmed or not dimmed at all.
  • Confirmation dialogs (e.g. when switching to 1:1 pipe) can be disabled in the settings.
  • Alt + 18 or Alt + mouse wheel to change processing tabs.
  • As usual a bunch of smaller fixes and tweaks.

4 Jan 2011 (rev 4cc281863282)


Fixes, tweaks and updates for:

  • pyramid denoise, line denoise and green equilibration (thanks to RawTherapee project)
  • white balance (thanks to ufraw project)
  • Cimg, gradual overlay and vignette
  • Lots of fixes and tweaks
  • Gimp export button got a context menu.
  • New Reset filters button (incl. context menu)
  • Re-designed info tab
  • First attempts at online help
  • Portable mode on Windows for using Photivo on USB drives and stuff. When a file called use-portable-profile exists in Photivo’s program folder all user settings will be stored inside the program folder instead of the user application data folder. The file just has to exist. It can be completely empty.

22 Dec 2010 (rev 98225cac4dad)

This is mainly a bugfix release.

  • Image rotation now uses CImg algorithm.
  • Speed up optimization for local contrast stretch. It’s a lot faster now!
  • Added cosine interpolation for curves.
  • Setting the DPI value for the output file is now possible: Output tab, Output Parameters.
  • Various smaller fixes including but not limited to Mac OS X, the Linux installation procedure and opening of Canon SRAW files.

5 Dec 2010 (rev 3355cbb560ca)

  • Defringe tool (Lab Sharpen/Noise tab). Thanks to Emil Martinec.
  • Impulse noise reduction tool (Lab Sharpen/Noise tab). Thanks to Emil Martinec.
  • Fixed and updated CA correction (thanks to Emil Martinec).
  • Photivo now has full localisation support. If you would like to help out with translation, get in touch!
  • Enable preset saving for white balance and demosaicing.
  • When cropping press Alt to hide the image parts outside the current crop rectangle (“lights out” feature).
  • Speedup optimisation for the image preview. Noticable mostly when only a few/fast filters are active.
  • Linux: Added make install and make uninstall.

21 Nov 2010 (rev 6e712d947894)

  • NEW: Presets for individual tools. Right-click on the tool header to save. Use the normal Open preset dialog to load.
  • NEW: Start Photivo with a user defined preset and/or load that preset when a new image is opened. Can be configured on the Settings tab, section Startup settings.
  • NEW: Added an extremely dark theme called “Night”.
  • NEW: Updated enhanced profiles and basecurves (thanks to darktable project).

14 Nov 2010 (rev 409d1acb4783)

  • NEW: Multithreaded Brighten filter to speed up processing.
  • NEW: Updated dcraw to current version 9.05 (1.439).
  • NEW: Updated camera white balance settings (thanks to UFRaw project) as well as base curves and enhanced color profiles (both thanks to darktable project).
  • NEW: Reset a whole tool to its built-in defaults (in the tool header’s right click menu).
  • NEW: Basic installer for Windows.
  • CHANGED: As usual some more GUI polishing.
  • CHANGED: One single button at the bottom of the tool pane for all file saving operations. Left click for the standard save operation (can be configured), right click for a menu with all possibilities.
  • CHANGED: Settings files are now portable between different Photivo installations and even different operating systems.

6 Nov 2010 (rev 3fdbd07d8c8e)

  • NEW: Tools can now be hidden and/or blocked from processing by right-clicking on the tool header. Ctrl+H (outdated: it’s U now) unhides tools on the current tab.
  • NEW: Additional resizer early in the pipe (Geometry tab) including automatic pipe size selection according to the chosen resized resolution (still experimental).
  • NEW: Information icon for the most complex filters that might increase processing time a lot.
  • FIXED: Broken UI styling on Windows. Some more polishing might still be needed, but eventually we’ll get there. ;-)
  • NEW: Detail Curve: selective microcontrast sharpen filter.

29 Oct 2010 (rev e5e5afe23666)

  • NEW: Status LEDs on tabs. Can be configured on the settings page.
  • FIXED: Improved keyboard usability in edit boxes.
  • NEW: Microcontrast for gradient sharpen

25 Oct 2010 (rev 464ee49fc2ed)

  • CHANGED: Decreased UI input lag. Makes Photivo react faster to slider changes.
  • NEW: Gradient sharpen
  • CHANGED: Edge avoiding wavelets master slider response