Photivo has not been in development for several years. This page is outdated.

Photivo already uses many algorithms from other open source projects. We don't need to invent the wheel again ;-). However it still takes time to port and modify them so that they fit properly. When new tools are added, the old tools stay (you may e.g. hide them) to leave the old settings files working.

If you have further ideas or comments or even want to help, please get in contact.

Probably the easiest way to get involved with Photivo development is contributing a translation (because it requires no programming). Read the translation page for more information.

Sub pages


Here are some of my plans, not ordered by priority. Update: As there are less open points now, I have to admit there are many more plans already, just nobody offers time to maintain this list…

  • Internal
    • Portable settings
    • Blocked tools should become editable (implemented in the new-style ptToolBox)
    • UI decoupling
    • Translation for all strings
    • Optimize bilateral
    • UI status presets
    • Default settings file
    • Rework batch interface
  • Processing
    • Impulse noise reduction (by Emil Martinec)
    • Equalizer (by Emil Martinec)
    • 1:1 crop mode
    • Full manual Lensfun
  • Algorithm Updates
    • DCB
    • AMaZE
    • CA correction
  • Tutorials
    • Basic editing
    • Basic UI
    • Local contrast: stones
    • Black & white conversion