Project Ideas

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These are some smaller projects which try to give you a concrete starting point for the Photivo code base. Of course you won't be on your own. We're available for discussions and help. If you have a different project in mind or if something nags you hard enough that you want to clear it, just drop us a line.

Gradual Overlay UI interaction

The idea is to get a user interaction for the gradual overlays directly on the image, like the line for the rotation tool or a little more advanced like the rectangle of the crop tool. Basically the user should be able to draw a line that represents the direction and start/end points of the overlay.

Most of the functionality is already present in other parts of the code, so one can learn from there. With this it is perfectly suited to get a first impression of the Photivo code base.

This is a very easy task and requires only a little trigonometry besides some minor C++ knowledge. Of course we will be available to guide you.

Docking interface

The idea is to have a more flexible UI, to allow the user to have the tools (and maybe also other parts) where he wants them. Again not that hard, most functionality is present in QT.

New widgets
  • Rating widget: Instead of the simple input box, 5 stars which react to the mouse like in many other applications. Fairly simple.
  • Combined input widget: A new widget to allow a cleaner and more compact view of the sliders. Medium. (done)

There are several plans for new filters. Some are just adding new libraries and building an interface for them. For some you have to analyze different code and port it, or even work some parts out by yourself. These tasks range from medium to hard and some will also need deeper math. Mostly C or C++ very little QT. Please contact us for further discussion.

Finished Projects

UI interface for hidden tools

The idea is to get a new box on the settings tab where all tools are dynamically represented with their current visability state and a switch for it. In the long run this may eventually become a "UI settings" file which would allow to save differen UI states for special processing needs.

This task requires some more code reading and also a little QT4 knowledge. However, for people who are familiar with C/C++ it would be a good way to get grip on the Photivo internals.

Job file management interface

Generating job files and executing them is not really clean. It would be nice to have a clean dialog to generate them with the current settings and to run them within Photivo. Building that dialog is fairly simple, a little C++ and QT, using them within Photivo would need a some more programming however.