Mouse and Keyboard

Open images

  • Drag and drop an image to the preview area.
  • Use the open button on the Input tab.
  • Use Ctrl + O
  • Commandline (the linux way): "photivo -i FILENAME" or "photive FILENAME"
  • on a Mac: drag and drop to dock icon or use "Open With" in Finder


The processing will start after each change, if not set to manual. During processing the interface it not responsive, so don't hammer it ;-). However, this is supposed to change in the near future.


  • The scroll wheel has a different "speed" on the sliders and on the number inputs to allow more precise control.
  • Right mouse button resets sliders and comboboxes.
  • Curve windows, image view and the histogram have a context menu with functions.


1 50%
2 100%
3 200%
4 Zoom fit
Image preview
9 Structure view
8 L*
7 a*
6 b*
5 Gradient
C Toggle clipping preview
T Toggle tab preview mode
Space bar Show/hide side panel
I Info tab
P Processing tab
S Settings tab
F11 Toggle fullscreen
Esc Get back to original states from various situations
File handling
Ctrl + O Open image
Ctrl + P Open preset
Ctrl + S Save current pipe
Ctrl + G Send to Gimp (plugin must be working for that)
Pipe control
M Toggle manual mode
F5 Run pipe (in manual mode)
Tool control
A List active tools
H List hidden tools
U Unhide all tools on the current tab
B List blocked tools
Alt + 1 … Alt + 8 Activate processing tabs from top to bottom, starting with the Camera tab (Alt+1) and ending with the Output tab (Alt+8)
Alt + mouse wheel Switch between processing tabs. The mouse cursor can be anywhere when doing this.
, Switch to the preceeding processing tab.
. Switch to the following processing tab.

remark: if on a mac use cmd/apple key instead of Ctrl